Nations and nationalism

As you may or may not already know, a nation is a place with which a group of people identify and share a sense of attachment and belonging. This feeling is usually derived from a common language, history, culture or … Read More

Models of health

Just so you know — and you should know — the main models of health are the biomedical model and the social model. First up, the social model emphasises that health is defined relative to what is considered normal. It … Read More

What would Marx say

As you’re no doubt aware, Marx had a lot to say about work, poverty and welfare. This in turn means that Marxists have a lot to say about work, poverty and welfare — and you have to learn it. Lucky … Read More

Willis’ 1977 research in schools

Way back in 1977, Paul Willis released some pretty groundbreaking research on schools that went on to contradict many structuralist accounts (both functionalist praise and Marxist criticism) about how schools create a docile and obedient workforce. Just so you know, … Read More