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Gojimo Revision, your complete FREE revision and exam preparation app

Gojimo is the leading FREE revision app covering GCSE, A Level, IB, iGCSE, Common Entrance and international qualifications including Junior Certificate (Ireland),  SATs (US) and the Matric (SA).

Over 160,000 free revision quiz questions on English, maths, biology, chemistry, physics, history, geography and more – Gojimo will do all the heavy lifting to make sure you get the right questions for the right exam at the right time.

Sync between your devices and the web

Your exams, subjects and quizzes will be synced between all of your devices for seamless studying. Gojimo is available for iOS, Android and on the web – use it to revise on your phone, iPad or computer. Now there’s no excuse.

Watch your grades improve before your eyes

Receive useful feedback at every stage of your studying, so you know how you’re doing in the run up to exam season. Take a quiz, revise some more, then test yourself again and watch your score improve.

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Thousands of questions with detailed explanations

Plenty of top quality content to make sure you’re ready for those exams. Test your knowledge with our revision quiz questions and then check your answer against a detailed explanation. Quizzes can be between 5 and 25 questions long, so you can approach your revision in bitesize chunks. We even include links to more information to help you take your exam preparation further.

Gojimo Revision Questions
Available for iOS, Android and on the web.
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THANK YOU!!! Finally I've found a great app to help me revise for my GCSEs!!
Becky SmithApp Store Review *****
It's very good. It has all the exam boards to choose from and all the topics.
Razi AvaApp Store Review *****
There should be more apps like this in the app store
Dom TravelyanApp Store Review *****
Pretty Sweet Right? Download it Today!

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