Trust Gojimo to help your students with homework and exam preparation


Gojimo Revision

The free revision app that covers every major subject at GCSE and A Level, all mapped to the main exam boards. Over 160,000 free revision quiz questions so your students can prepare for their exams without breaking the bank.

Plus we’ve got Scottish Highers, IB, iGCSE, Common Entrance and international qualifications including Junior Certificate (Ireland),  SATs (US) and the Matric (SA).





Gojimo Tutor

Support for maths and science via instant messaging. Gojimo Tutor connects students to a subject specialist who can provide one-to-one tutoring in order to aid understanding, help with homework and exam preparation.

Gojimo Tutor is available on subscription and can be used to support pupils who qualify for the pupil premium. For details of school subscription rates please email us.

Why choose Gojimo Tutor:

  • Immediate help – students can get help as soon as they need it
  • Cost effective – Gojimo Tutor is far cheaper than hiring additional teaching staff
  • Available out of hours – our tutors are available during evenings and weekends, at times when teachers and other tutoring services just aren’t accessible
  • Students love it – teenagers love their phones and would much rather communicate via instant messaging than face to face



Free Posters And Leaflets

Want to let your students or their parents know about Gojimo? We have posters and flyers you can put up in school, hand out to students or give out at parents’ evenings. Use the form below to request your free promotional materials..

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