Are Iberian languages your thing? Excelente! If you’re looking to study all things Spanish at university level, check out the Complete University Guide’s top 10 institutions for the subject.


10. University of Bath

Bath enables students to achieve fluency in their chosen language through complete immersion. It also boasts a third year abroad.


9. University College London

UCL’s department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies was one of the first in the UK, and today remains a vibrant centre of academic excellence.


8. University of Birmingham

Birmingham’s Spanish department is long-established and well-reputed, with world-class research.


7. University of Warwick

Warwick’s Spanish department combines the dynamism and resources of one of the UK’s top universities with the close personal support of a small and friendly team.


6. University of St Andrews

St Andrews engages in a lively and communicative approach with Spanish, providing students with a formal structure and small-group teaching where each module builds on preceding semesters.


5. University of Newcastle

Newcastle’s Spanish department offers students the chance to achieve a high level of spoken and written Spanish, and develop a strong level of Portuguese from beginner’s level. There are also options in Quechua and Catalan.


4. University of Surrey

Surrey boasts a world-class profile and a leading reputation in teaching and research.


3. University of Oxford

The sub-faculty of Spanish at Oxford is one of the largest teaching units of Hispanic studies in the United Kingdom, and is dedicated to promoting Spain’s minority languages.


2. University of Durham

Spanish language courses offered at Durham can be started at two levels, and both aim to equip students with a sound understanding of how the language works, the confidence to use it effectively, and an awareness of the diversity of its cultural functions.


1. University of Cambridge 

Cambridge’s Spanish and Portuguese department has approximately 400 undergraduates. Teaching is mostly undertaken in small groups – part of why the department is consistently ranked as one of the most outstanding for teaching and research.