US President Woodrow Wilson was a pretty big deal at the Paris Peace Conference, and managed to get his way most of the time. Going into the summit, Wilson had planned on introducing the Fourteen Points, which included creating the League of Nations and prompting self-determination for European nations.

He also wanted to reduce armaments, make the seas free all shipping and return Alsace and Lorraine to France. These aims are pretty ambitious when you think about them, and could be why Wilson was seen as a bit of an idealist back in his day.

The President saw the Paris Peace Conference as an opportunity to end future wars. He believed that self-determination for European nations would end the need for conflict and that a world parliament called the League of Nations would resolve disputes without recourse to war.

Unfortunately, self-determination did not apply to Germany and this was the cause of another World War within 20 years. Can’t blame him for trying though, can you?