Ever wondered what it would take to get into Oxbridge? You’re in luck – the Complete University Guide has released its annual ranking of the UK’s 127 universities, and entry standards along with it.

Check out the UCAS score you’re going to need to get a look-in at the university of your dreams, and start doing some serious revising.


10. University of Edinburgh

The Scottish capital’s university maintains a high level of entry standards with an average entry requirement of 485.


9. University of Bristol 

The University of Bristol was the first higher education institution in England to admit women on an equal basis to men. It has high entry standards, with an average of 485 UCAS entry points required to receive an offer.


8. University of Glasgow 

Glasgow has been changing the world with its research and teaching for over 560 years – and only takes the best of the best as a result. Undergraduates should expect to have around 485 UCAS points if they want a good shot at getting in.


7. University College London (UCL)

Undergraduate entry requirements to UCL range from A*AA-AAB at A level. Its UCAS entry requirement is 505.


6. University of Durham 

Durham’s average UCAS score is 524. Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, Gabby Logan and Jonny Wilkinson are among its notable alumni.


5. University of St Andrews

St Andrews has an entry requirement of 520. The oldest university in Scotland, it claims to treat references that give evidence of clear potential as a very important factor when considering applicants.


4. London School of Economics (LSE)

LSE specialises in anthropology, criminology, international relations and sociology. Entry requirements range from A*AA-AAB at A-level, with an average UCAS score of 518.


3. Imperial College London

Imperial has the highest standards of all the London universities, with a UCAS requirement of 567. Entry requirements range from A*A*A*-AAB at A-level.


2. University of Oxford

The oldest university in the English-speaking world has exceptionally high standards of entry with an average UCAS entry score of 574. Applicants must get between A*A*A*-AAA at A-level. Most students must sit a written test or submit written work, plus undergo an interview with college tutors.


1. University of Cambridge

The toughest university to get into with a score of 600, Cambridge requires A*A*A* at A-level for undergraduate science courses. This is not surprising for a university that has produced 90 Nobel Prize winners—more than any other institution. Applicants should expect to undergo interviews and assessments.