Identifying and understanding customers

Here’s some business 101 – if you don’t look after your customers, they won’t look after you. And because of this it’s vital that a business is able to identify the people they are targeting their products at and provide … Read More

Job enrichment

It’s can often be the case that a company may have fantastic employees, but over time these employees can lose motivation and therefore become less productive which in turn has a negative impact on the business! One way that employers … Read More

Wages and salary

For all the great work that employees do of course there is a price to pay for businesses, and that comes in the form of remuneration, aka wages or a salary! It is often these financial incentives that allow businesses … Read More

Employment status and recruitment

Within a business there are a variety of different employees, and I’m not talking about their hair colour! Businesses are able to employ people on full-time, part-time, flexi-time and zero-hours contracts for example. And each different type of contract comes … Read More

Motivating employees

It’s always important for a business to keep their employees motivated in order to achieve best results for a company! If employees are not motivated, chances are they will produce less product, not work as hard for their employer and … Read More

Recruitment and selection

As this stage you probably know a bit about how a company can motivate and manage their workforce, but what methods are used to hire an employee in the first place? Well to be honest there are a number of … Read More

Organisational structures

Within a business there is often this thing known as a hierarchy which helps manage workers and their work loads. However, different businesses operate under different structures and many aim to change their structure in order to improve their business … Read More

Production processes

So production might not be the most riveting topic to study – but it encompasses quite a few different elements that are important to understand when looking at businesses and how they operate. So let’s start with the basics – … Read More

Efficiency and technology

In order for a business to increase their profits they often try and make their businesses run more efficiently to avoid waste! One way to do this is with the increased use of technology which is often able to speed … Read More

Batch production

In business let’s be honest there are so many things to consider! From hiring the right people to having the right product to selling it in the right place – but what about how they make their products? Well, some … Read More