What David Lloyd George and Georges Clemenceau wanted out of the Paris Peace Conference

British wartime Prime Minister David Lloyd George had a pretty big say on what went down at the Paris Peace Conference. This was good for Britain but bad for you, because you now have to remember everything he wanted. Ready … Read More

All you need to know about the Entente Cordiale

The Entente Cordiale was a series of Anglo-French agreements about trade and colonies that ended antagonisms between the UK and France. The treaty, signed on 8 April 1904, paved the way for a new era of diplomacy and helped the … Read More

Little Entente

The Little Entente was an alliance formed in 1920 and 1921 by Czechoslovakia, Romania and Yugoslavia. The three nations united to form a common defence against Hungary, and to decrease the chances of the House of Austria returning to power … Read More

London Peace Conference

The London Peace Conference – or Conference of Ambassadors as it’s also known – was held in the capital between 1912 and 1913. It was a summit of Britain, France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia and Italy. Why these particular countries, you … Read More

Germany’s role in starting WWI

The question of which country actually started WWI will probably never be answered, because no one can quite decide which nation is most at fault. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a strong contender. That’s right, we’re talking about Germany! What … Read More

Treaties you should know about

A lot of treaties were signed in the aftermath of WWI because the Allied Forces were determined to impose a series of harsh penalties on the nations they deemed responsible. They also wanted to make sure the world wouldn’t face … Read More

Treaty of Saint Germain

The Treaty of Saint Germain-en-Laye was an agreement signed with Austria at the Paris Peace Conference on 10 September 1919. It saw the Austro-Hungarian Empire broken up, and Austrian territory was used to create new countries, for example, Czechoslovakia. The … Read More

Treaty of Trianon

The Treaty of Trianon was signed with Hungary at the Paris Peace Conference on 4 June 1920. Simply put, the peace agreement saw the Austro-Hungarian Empire broken up in order to allow self-determination for the different nationalities that existed in … Read More

Treaty of Neuilly

The Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine was a peace agreement signed on 27 November 1919 that required Bulgaria to cede various territories. It was arranged after Bulgaria’s defeat in WWI. The agreement saw Bulgaria lose land to Greece, Romania and Yugoslavia, as … Read More

Treaty of Lausanne

The Treaty of Lausanne was a peace agreement signed in Switzerland on 24 July 1923. Simply put, it helped settle a conflict between the Ottoman Empire and the Allied Forces after the war. How did it do that, you ask? … Read More