Eating well doesn’t have to be expensive. Organising meals around fresh fruit, vegetables and pulses can be surprisingly cheap.

With the help of these seven tricks, eating right can actually become economical; and certainly less than the average student spends at Dominos. Ultimately, when you’re investing in your wellbeing, a few extra pounds seems a fair trade off.


1. It sounds boring but plan ahead

Currently anything containing the word ‘healthy’ seems to justify adding multiple digits to the end of the price tag.

Healthy eateries have a target audience willing to part with the pounds, therefore, taking food with you not only ensures you don’t cave in and reach for the nearest Dairy Milk but it can also save you a fortune.


2. Eat with the seasons

Not only will this save you a fortune, but it is also far better for the environment. Although the winter crop of Spanish strawberries look tempting, they come with a price tag.


3. Base meals around simple foods

Making meals from scratch with simple ingredients ends up far cheaper than buying branded and packaged alternatives.


4. Buying frozen can also save you money

Big bags of frozen berries are cheap and make a brilliant addition to porridge or smoothies. Frozen veg are good to have in stock, and can be added quickly to dishes such as risottos, spaghetti or stew. Other veg can be used for soup and you never have to worry about them going to waste.


5. Buy in bulk

Although not particularly convenient, buying in large quantities is far more economical. Large bags of nuts can be found far cheaper online and you can also order kilogram bags of grains such as quinoa that will last for weeks.


6. Being adaptable is key

Base meals around foods that are on offer. Also, nipping into supermarkets at the end of the day often means you can bag a fair few bargains in the fruit and veg aisles.


7. For the odd treat… head home

Satiate your addictions by going home for the weekend and filling the parent’s trolley with the absolute ‘essentials’ you can’t afford yourself.