For most would-be students, university accommodation will have been booked months ago, but what about those sixth formers who suddenly face a change in direction?

Have no fear, we’ve got all the answers — read on to get the lowdown on finding a place to live after Clearing.


I’ve got a Clearing place, I have nowhere to live, I’m panicking, what should I do first? 

Get yourself organised, draw up a list of basic requirements, set yourself a budget and try to discuss it with your parents before launching headlong into a search.

Reasonable expectations are key; every student makes compromises with accommodation, and you might have to be that bit more flexible when looking at the last minute.

Above all else, never hand over any money before you have seen a property – unless it’s a university hall ran by your university – and always ensure you read every word of a contract before signing.


Will my newly adopted university be able to help me out? 

All universities should be able to help you out in some way or form, but the degree of assistance will vary massively by institution.

Get in touch with your university’s housing service, who should be able to help you.

Some universities guarantee a spot for Clearing students in university-owned accommodation, or accommodation with a partner/nominated supplier, so do check if either is an option.


Will my social life be over if I don’t get a place in halls?

Before going to university, it might seem like your social life will be over if you don’t get a place in halls, which is not the case in any way, shape or form.


You have a number of options to explore beyond the realms of the university hall:

• Flat/house share

• Become a lodger

• Private halls


Where are the best places to research online? 

Of course you should get in touch with your university’s housing service to start with, but here are some other websites and links to help you out if they can’t get things sorted. There are also plenty of groups you can join on social media with people from your university course who will also be searching for accommodation, and will be looking to team up with people to house/flat share if need be.


Lettings websites:

• SpareRoom

• StuRents

• Rightmove Students

• Zoopla

• Gumtree

• Accommodation for students


Private halls:

• The Student Housing Company

• CRM Students

• Unite Students

• iQ Student Accommodation 

• My Student Halls

For those in London there are a number of other private companies such as Urbanest and Pure.