Got money on your mind? This is what you should study at university

Everyone knows going to university is expensive – gone are the days when students could nab a degree for nothing. Picking the right university to attend can be one of the most important decisions a person makes, and money almost always comes into play.

To make things easier, we’ve found the top five cheapest institutions to study at in the UK. If degree cost is a concern for you, have a gander at the list below.


5. University of the Highlands and Islands

Annual cost: £8,500

The University of the Highlands and Islands is Scotland’s newest university, but the institution is still steeped in history thanks to its 13 colleges and research centres – the earliest of which was founded in the 19th century.


4. Abertay University

Annual cost: £8,000

Abertay University was named the highest ranked modern university in Scotland for “research intensity” by the Research Excellence Framework in 2014.


3. Queen Margaret University

Annual cost: £7,000

Queen Margaret University is renowned for its relevant research and knowledge exchange work in health and rehabilitation, sustainable business and creativity and culture.


2. Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln

Annual cost: £6,938

Bishop Grosseteste has existed in the historic heart of Lincoln for over 150 years, after starting out as an Anglican teacher training college for women.


1. University of Stirling

Annual cost: £6,750

Stirling was founded as a public research university by royal charter in 1967. It excels in the arts and science, and is home to a number of leading researchers and scholars.