Do you recognise your teachers in any of these stereotypical teacher profiles?

Where there are lessons and things to be learnt, there must also be teachers. Over the course of your (incredibly long) schooling career, you will encounter a myriad of seemingly different teachers, but in fact they are just variations of five different teaching personas. This is true whether you’re in primary school, secondary school, college or university.

Curious? Without further ado, we give you the five different types of teachers you will encounter over the course of your schooling life.


1. The Dead Poets Society One

This teacher is a life changer. Right off the bat, they are inspiring, engaging and funny. They are quite simply too cool for school, and that’s part of what makes them so great. From careers advice to writing letters of recommendation, this one will give you the tools you need to succeed, and inspire you at the same time. You will never forget this one. Listen to them and follow their advice for as long as you can – you won’t regret it.


2. The Unfairly Strict One

Assigned seating as far away from your friends as possible, strict homework deadlines, hand-raising to go to the bathroom and, oh yeah, you can only use one font in a certain size when submitting coursework. They are also a tough grader, and do not accept excuses. Sick notes are definitely not accepted. You must be on time, prepared and have smart questions only to pass their class. Brutal.


3. The Over It One

This teacher has been in the job for far too long. They don’t care whether you do well or not. Usually, they’re on the brink of retirement, but this isn’t always the case. How do you know if your teacher is an Over It? They’re always tired, always a bit grumpy and gave up trying a long time ago.


4. The Young One

This teacher is fresh out of university and VERY passionate about getting you to learn. On the plus side, they’re also relatable and won’t yet have turned into an unapproachable, unfeeling robot. At the beginning of the year they might sweat through their clothes, and/ or appear to be on the verge of crying. How can you get on their good side? Raise your hand when no one else will.


5. The Chill One

Probably your sports teacher but may also be drawn to media and/ or humanities subjects. When this teacher sets coursework, you get the feeling it’s more of a suggestion than an order. This teacher really wants to be your friend, and will probably add you on social media when you graduate, bless.