Do you recognise your teachers in any of these stereotypical teacher profiles?

Everyone knows social media is addictive – and while it’s fun to surf Facebook and Instagram for hours on end, endless studies have found the sites can negatively impact people’s body image, sleep and fear of missing out.

When you’re right in the thick of exams and desperate to cram, getting distracted by pictures of Sally O’Brien’s new puppy on Facebook isn’t an option.

So, if social media has you feeling drained when you really need to hit the books, follow these three tricks to stay focused.


1. Hide posts from people

We all have that friend (or parent) who doesn’t seem to understand that less is more when it comes to social media. If you’re about to reach breaking point and unfollow or de-friend someone you really shouldn’t, consider hiding their posts instead. This way, they won’t clog up your feed and – plus side – you’ll spend less time reading their posts when you do decide to log on for a quick study break, and have more time to spend on the posts you actually do want to see as a result.


2. Stop surfing social media before bed  

Numerous studies have come to the conclusion that people who use social media before nodding off have more trouble sleeping than their less-connected counterparts, leaving them feeling groggy and less inclined to hit the books come morning time. The solution? Stay away from social media an hour before bed, and don’t put your phone under your pillow under any circumstances – it’ll just make you more likely to check social media through the night.


3. Deactivate your account

If it’s all too much and you just can’t keep yourself from logging on when you really don’t have the time to be looking people you barely know on Instagram, try deactivating until exams are over. If this seems to extreme, consider getting a friend you trust to change your password and keep the new one a secret from you – you’ll be glad you did it when you’ve aced that Maths exam!