When you should have been revising last year, you were watching Netflix. As a result, you may not have done as well as you could have in your exams. Sound familiar?

As the beginning of the school year approaches, you may find yourself promising not to procrastinate so much this time around. But while wasting time can be bad for your academic career, it’s important to remember that everyone procrastinates in life, and it’s usually more regularly than anyone would like to admit. That got your attention? Read on for more reasons you shouldn’t feel bad about procrastinating.


Procrastinating relieves stress

It’s a well-known fact that the less you stress, the more productive you are. Research by Tice and Baumeister has found that students use procrastination as a way to offset negative emotions linked with deadlines. So essentially, you would go a little bonkers if it weren’t for your numerous study breaks. What does this mean? You should let yourself watch a couple of episodes of whatever your latest fix is on Netflix. It’s bound to reduce your stress, and in turn prompt you to create better work.


Productive procrastination is a thing

Contrary to popular belief, your procrastination may actually be increasing your productivity rather than hindering it. When you think of it this way, it makes sense; when you’re stressed, you’re capable of doing work, but not the best work as your brain is unable to take a break, and thus incapable of thinking as creatively as it might otherwise have been able to. And, if you use your procrastination time as an opportunity to put the washing on, clean your room or fit in a quick workout, you are actually maximising your time. Result!


The more you beat yourself up about it, the less work you will do

This may come as a shock, but beating yourself up about not doing any work will not help you do any work. This actually only leads to a vicious cycle; the more you mentally chastise yourself, the more you will continue to procrastinate which – in small doses – is good, but can be damaging when done over an extended period of time. The takeaway from all this? You are human, and humans procrastinate!