Nations and nationalism

As you may or may not already know, a nation is a place with which a group of people identify and share a sense of attachment and belonging. This feeling is usually derived from a common language, history, culture or … Read More

Models of health

Just so you know — and you should know — the main models of health are the biomedical model and the social model. First up, the social model emphasises that health is defined relative to what is considered normal. It … Read More

What would Marx say

As you’re no doubt aware, Marx had a lot to say about work, poverty and welfare. This in turn means that Marxists have a lot to say about work, poverty and welfare — and you have to learn it. Lucky … Read More

Willis’ 1977 research in schools

Way back in 1977, Paul Willis released some pretty groundbreaking research on schools that went on to contradict many structuralist accounts (both functionalist praise and Marxist criticism) about how schools create a docile and obedient workforce. Just so you know, … Read More

Decision making to improve marketing performace

Before we can learn anything about how companies sell their products, it’s probably worth understanding what we mean when we’re talking about marketing. Marketing is the management process involved in identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements while still managing to … Read More

For the love of carbs

Carbs, you either love them or hate them, but they are pretty vital for body function. Primarily they provide energy in the form of glucose. Carbohydrates come in a few different forms, many of which all have slightly different functions. … Read More

Random Tudor facts you should really remember

Aside from what you may already know about the Tudors, there are a few other bits of information that might be worth being aware of, just in case they pop up in an exam unexpectedly. Firstly, let’s talk money. The … Read More

Everything you need to know about Hitler

I know you probably don’t need me to tell you who Adolf Hitler was, but for good measure, Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party and Führer (or leader) of Germany. He was Chancellor … Read More

You’re always being judged; it’s called a working appraisal

Imagine it, you’re in the door and have bagged your dream job. Unfortunately the testing doesn’t stop there! In fact it’s common for businesses to carry out appraisals to assess an employee’s performance. Assessing the performance of staff against yearly … Read More