It may sound obvious but flooding occurs due to a sudden increase in the amount of water travelling down a river, and can happen for a number of reasons: a rapid snowmelt, a prolonged period of heavy rain, a sudden … Read More

The rainforest

If you’ve looked at the sheet on the living world you’ll now be well versed on biomes. Now we’re going to look at one in more detail: the rainforest. The tropical rainforest ecosystem is located in a band either side … Read More

The living world

Obviously you can’t know everything about the living world! No one does and who knows how long that exam would be! So we’ve condensed it down into the bits that you do need to know – phew. The world has … Read More

Tectonic hazards

Before we get into talking about tectonic hazards, we must first understand the composition of the Earth – that might sound cool, but it’s actually unbelievably hot! So here goes: the dense core of the Earth is surrounded by a … Read More