Over the course of your life, your parents will most likely have been there to help guide you towards making the right decisions.
For the most part, they will have helped you decide what was best for you – but there are times when you have to make decisions based on you and you alone.

Whether you’ve decided maths isn’t for you at A-level or you really want to go to a university that just so happens to be hundreds of miles away, telling your parents you’ve changed your mind about something can be hard.

If you need to tell your parents you’ve decided against what you know they have in store for you, follow these steps to politely – but firmly – let them know.


1. Timing is key

Your parents are no doubt busy people, which means it’s crucial to pick the right time before blindsiding them with an important conversation. Try not to discuss the change when they are clearly stressed or busy. Worried there may never be a perfect time? Bite the bullet and tell your parents what’s on your mind – especially if time is of the essence. In addition to this, the earlier you start the conversation, the less shocked your parents will be.


2. Be as firm and confident as you can

You are discussing your future, after all. Ask your parents if they have a few minutes for a discussion, sit them down and share your thoughts. You can let them know what’s on your mind any way you choose – so long as you don’t make it seem like you’re asking for their permission. Make it clear your mind is made up.


3. Be logical

Explain your decision logically, and back it up with sound reasoning. Be prepared to offer a detailed explanation as to why one class might be better to take than the other, for example, or why a university that’s far from home might be better suited to your needs.


4. Be nice

They’re still your parents, after all! Regardless of your differences, your parents are there to look out for you. Don’t raise your voice, and try to remember that the change you’re proposing might take a while for your parents to get their heads around.