Dreading finishing school only to get stuck in a job that never lets you switch off?

Having a healthy work-life balance when you graduate doesn’t have to be a distant dream – there are some careers where workers are likely to put in shorter days at the office but still bring home a sizeable chunk of change.

We’ve worked out a definitive guide to the jobs with the best work-life balance so you can spend more time at the beach with friends, and less time burning the midnight oil.


10. Marketing manager

Work-Life Balance Rating: 3.8

Salary: £40,000

Number of job vacancies: 3,667

The chance to do innovative and inventive projects was cited as a benefit for many marketing managers, on top of a good work-life balance.


9. Research associate

Work-Life Balance Rating: 3.8

Salary: £32,000

Number of job vacancies: 19,423

“Great work-life balance, competitive salary, a few good people to work with and opportunity to have C-level dialogue and create professional network,” said an associate at a research company.


8. Human resources specialist

Work-Life Balance Rating: 3.8

Salary: £43,500

Number of job vacancies: 15,710

“Work-life balance is the only pro,” according to one anonymous human resources specialist.


7. Human resources manager

Work-Life Balance Rating: 3.8

Salary: £45,000

Number of job vacancies: 5,658

“Work-life balance is great as you can work from various locations,” wrote an HR manager at Network Rail.


6. Marketing executive

Work-Life Balance Rating: 3.8

Salary: £25,000

Number of job vacancies: 16,235

“Flexible working is expected and work-life balance is encouraged,” commented a marketing executive currently working at Diageo.


5. Product manager

Work-Life Balance Rating: 3.8

Salary: £49,500

Number of job vacancies: 480

“The best company in the world if you are interested in technology, with huge resources and a fantastic working environment,” said a product manager at Google.


4. Senior business analyst

Work-Life Balance Rating: 3.8

Salary: £48,000

Number of job vacancies: 29,601

“Quite flexible working hours for senior employees and the ablility to work from home,” wrote a business analyst working at Thomson Reuters.


3. Research assistant

Work-Life Balance Rating: 4.0

Salary: £26,500

Number of job vacancies: 842

“Great work-life balance, managers typically allow you a lot of flexibility if need to go to a doctor’s appointment,” commented an assistant at a research company.


2. Commercial manager

Work-Life Balance Rating: 4.0

Salary: £45,000

Number of job vacancies: 3,391

“Excellent employer, flexible and considerate to work-life balance,” said a commercial manager working at outsourcer Serco.


1. Web developer

Work-Life Balance Rating: 4.1

Salary: £28,000

Number of job vacancies: 4,585

“Great projects, fun corporate events, nice touches like free fruit and snacks, top management, enjoyable work environment,” said one web developer, praising the flexible work patterns.