Want to rake in the cash without going to university? Read on to find out the top 10 high-paid jobs that don’t require a degree.


10. Journalist: £30,998

A nose for a good story, a natural way with words and some seriously hard work are the main qualifiers for journalistic success.


9. Military security: £35,144

Employees are charged with protecting individuals, groups and documents. Candidates need nerves of steel, a good level of fitness and an exceptional eye for potential areas of concern.


8. Hazardous waste manager: £36,684 

If living on the edge appeals, and your organisation skills are top-notch this could be the role for you. Companies concerned with the environmental impact of their business may hire hazardous waste specialists to help them manage harmful substances.


7. HR manager: £38,677

HR tasks could include: hiring, training, compiling policies and procedures, legal paperwork, staff development, helping the business define its culture and supporting staff and managers when things go wrong.


6. Air traffic controller: £41,011

Responsible for managing landings and take offs and guiding pilots safely to the runway, air traffic controllers need great communication skills, excellent attention to detail and the ability to pay attention to many tasks at once.


5. Nuclear energy worker: £44,494

Fraught with potential danger, those that work in a nuclear energy environment could perform a range of roles, from the operational to the technical.


4. Offshore oil platform worker: £55,652

These hard-working folk spend large amounts of time away from dry land, spending weeks or months living and working on oil rigs to help source, process and ship oil reserves around the world.


3. Commodities trader: £53,003

Commodities traders traditionally buy and sell goods such as oil, grain, metals, sugar and coffee on behalf of their clients.

However, many commodity traders now also specialise in complex financial products (derivatives) based on a wider range of assets, including shares and bonds.


2. Equities trader: £59,475

Equity traders deal in the financial markets, buying and selling stocks and bonds.

Requirements include quick thinking, excellent client management techniques, financial savvy, champion communication skills and knowledge of the financial markets.


1. Mining construction: £56,260

Playing a key part in constructing mines to facilitate the deployment of natural resources to end buyers, mining construction workers face a high degree of risk. Employees must be willing to work hard.