Trying to decide what to do at university? The Complete University Guide is a great resource for subject rankings, and if you’re looking to study architecture, you could do a lot worse than these 10 universities.


10. Cardiff University 

The Welsh School of Architecture is now considered one of the best in the UK. The school at the Russell Group university has won recognition for its strongly project-based course that sees two-thirds of marks come from the studio.


9. University of Nottingham

Nottingham offers students world-leading research, a solid grounding in design skills and an understanding of the technical performance of buildings — all of which are influenced by the history and theory of architecture and the build environment.


8. University of Strathclyde  

The University of Strathclyde in Glasgow is one of the best technology and architectural research institutions in the UK. Everything from naval architecture, to architectural studies, to architecture and ecology is offered.


7. University of Edinburgh 

Because it forms part of the Edinburgh College of Art, this architecture department also allows its students a wider range of modules than most British universities, including sculpture, history of art and painting.


6. University of Sheffield

Several courses are on offer here, from a straight BA in architecture, to an MEng in structural engineering and architecture, as well as the country’s only dual-honours BA in architecture and landscape.


5. Newcastle University  

The Architecture School emphasises the socially transformative potential of buildings and encourages students to work with communities. Both BAs make use of a model-making workshop that includes cutting-edge machinery and powerful laser cutters.


4. University of Southampton 

Freshers are started on a diet of structural engineering before being set two architecture projects by third year. A group design project with industry sponsors finishes off the fourth and final year.


3. University College London  

A minimum AAB offer wins freshers a place. A full 70 per cent of marks based on design portfolios shows that practical project work remains key throughout.


2. University of Bath  

The University of Bath’s architecture alumni praise the department’s strong industry links. Undergraduate entry is competitive, with minimum requirements of A*AA and “evidence of an extracurricular interest in architecture” required.


1. University of Cambridge

While the three-year course is arts-and-science-based in its approach, with an emphasis on the historical and cultural context of the subject, a strong practical element sees studio work carry 60 per cent of marks.