University is a fun ride, but eventually all students have to come crashing back down to earth and venture out into the working world. Our top 10 takes you through the universities which had the highest proportion of 2015/16 graduates entering employment and/or further study within six months.

Could attending one of these universities give your career a boost?


10. London School of Economics and Political Science

Graduate Prospects 2015: 84.4%

The LSE has an international intake and global reach, with research and top teaching spanning the full breadth of the social sciences.


9. University of Bath

Graduate Prospects 2015: 84.9%

Bath has been voted number one for student satisfaction two years in a row – according to the National Student Surveys of 2013 and 2014. The careers service offered by the university has links with over 8,000 employers.


8. Loughborough University

Graduate Propsects 2015: 85.1%

All of Loughborough’s courses offer the option to include a year in industry as part of the degree. The university’s student experience is also renowned.


7. University of Birmingham

Graduate Prospects 2015: 85.4%

This Russell Group university is known for its strong medicine and economics departments.


6. University of Sussex

Graduate Prospects 2015: 85.9%

Sussex is renowned for being research-intensive. The university was founded on a principle of ‘making the future’, and it has created a strong reputation for research excellence, internationalism and interdisciplinarity.


5. University College London

Graduate Prospects 2015: 87.2%

UCL is situated in the heart of London and boasts high-quality teaching, learning and outcomes for its students.


4. King’s College London

Graduate Prospects 2015: 87.7%

King’s College London has built a strong reputation in the sciences, humanities and law and claims to be London’s most central university.


3. University of Cambridge

Graduate Prospects 2015: 87.8%

The CUG’s number one university sits in third place for graduate prospects. It is best known for producing revered international scientists, including Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking. It also boasts 90 Nobel Prize winners.


2. Imperial College London

Graduate Prospects 2015: 90.3%

Falling from the top spot last year, Imperial College London specialises in science, engineering and maths.


1. St George’s, University of London

Graduate Prospects 2015: 95.1%

The specialist medical and healthcare sciences school takes first place this year. It’s also the only UK university to share a campus with a teaching hospital.