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If you’re looking to study music, check out these 10 options…


1. University of Durham 

With the university’s music department dating back to the 19th century, Durham attracts esteemed music professionals and experts who offer one to one tuition with students for the duration of the three year course.


2. University of Oxford 

The 800 years of music history — coupled with the faculty being home to one of the largest collections of musical equipment and instruments in the world — make it no surprise Oxford is high up on this list.


3. University of Birmingham

Birmingham’s state of the art facilities are what sets it apart from other universities. Students are given the option to study abroad and encouraged to explore their musical interests in a city widely placed on par with Liverpool as a hub for British music.


4. University of Manchester 

Although famous for bands like Oasis and Take That, this course offers a much wider range of study than just modern musicians and even works in conjunction with the Royal Northern College of Music for students for what is a four-year joint course.


5. Royal Holloway, University of London

Royal Holloway does well at catering to a wide range of people, with different skills surrounding music, not just exceptional performers or composers.


6. University of Cambridge 

Offering one of the more customisable music courses, music students at Cambridge are able to choose six papers to cater to either their interests or their chosen career path, with no compulsory papers in the third year at all.


 7. University of Bristol

This degree greatly focuses on the practical side of music, which is no doubt appealing to students looking to pursue composition over research.


8. University of Edinburgh 

Edinburgh offers students a unique combination of tradition and innovation by putting core musical skills at the heart of their work. The department also seeks to develop an innovative approach to contemporary musical practice.


9. University of Nottingham

Nottingham’s department of music offers research-led teaching, state of the art facilities for performance and composition, and a unique programme of traineeships and placement opportunities.


10. University of Leeds 

Leeds emphasises the links between theory and practice so that students get experience in areas such as schools, film scoring and research. There is a strong emphasis on independent working.