If you’ve got your eye on a degree in sociology, you’ll probably want to study at one of the best institutions out there for the subject.

Struggling to decide between universities? Read on to find out more about the top 10 institutions offering the subject.


10. University of Warwick 

Warwick consistently scores in the top 10 thanks to its outstanding teaching, learning and cutting-edge research. The three year degree focuses on a variety of topical issues including social theory, youth culture, media, health, population, ethnicity and gender.


9. Loughborough University  

At Loughborough, students can opt for either a three year degree, or a four year sandwich degree, with the choice of a professional placement and/or overseas study programme.

The first year covers the sociological imagination, an introduction to quantitative data analysis, and contemporary societies, after which classical social theories are introduced.


8. University of Birmingham 

Students at Birmingham take core modules in the major parts of the discipline, combined with options that enable them to specialise in their own particular interests.

This degree focuses a great deal on sociological theory, research methods and analysis, which equips students with the hands-on tools for conducting social research.


7. Durham University

Durham University’s sociology course provides undergraduates with an insight into the knowledge behind, and theory of, sociology.

There are both compulsory and optional modules, such as conceptualising society, and sociological imaginations.


6. University of Glawgow

Glasgow’s sociology course is acclaimed for its combination of sociological, criminological and anthropological perspectives.

In the third and fourth years the course offers a wide range of options, with choices such as sociological alternatives, global civil society, human rights, and global migrations.


5. University of Edinburgh 

As well as the straight sociology degree on offer at Edinburgh, there is also the option to choose from 11 combined subjects, all of which are four-year courses.


4. University of Bath  

Bath offers both three and four year sociology courses, exploring gender, identity, religion and technology across lecture-based learning, tutor-led seminars and practical workshops.

In addition, Bath offers the opportunity to study a combined degree in social policy, which can also include a sandwich year in industry.


3. University of Exeter 

Exeter’s sociology programme is designed to help students develop an understanding of how societies, institutions and practices came into being.

There is also the opportunity to spend a term abroad in a partner institution, and optional modules include contemporary social theory, and criminology.


2. University of Bristol  

Bristol has an increasingly impressive reputation for teaching and research in sociology thanks to its academic and professional support. The three year course provides a solid grounding in the subject, followed by a greater choice of units linked to staff research interests.


1. University of Cambridge 

Cambridge’s sociology course is a mixture of human, social and political sciences.

The three year course is split into two parts: in the first year, students study four subjects, from a selection including sociology, politics and international relations. After that, students are required to choose one of three single-subject tracks, with single sociology being an option.