Need a part time job? It's important to find the right one while still at school

Parents stopped giving you handouts and effectively killed your social life in the process? Looks like it could be time to get a part time job! Unfortunately, juggling school and a job can be tough, which is why it’s important to find the right one. After all, not all jobs are created equal.

Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up the best part time jobs for students who want a steady cash flow as well as time for their social life.


1. Babysitting

Babysitters are typically paid well, enjoy a lot of quiet time when sitting for kids young enough to take naps, and get to pick and choose the hours they work.

The cons? Babysitting can involve long hours and dirty nappies. On top of this, the flexibility of the job can mean an unreliable pay cheque, which isn’t ideal if you want regular monies.


2. Hospitality

Whether you’re waiting tables or making artisanal lattes, working in hospitality can be incredibly fun and rewarding.

The pros? Hospitality workers generally have a lot of spare time, which means plenty of hours can be dedicated to revising if that’s your jam. If you’re a people person, the tips can be amazing, and it’s easy to make friends in hospo jobs.

The cons? Sometimes customers are awful, you will most likely have to work weekends and other days you’d really rather not, and standing on your feet for hours on end is never fun.


3. Tutoring

Are you a smart cookie who is good at explaining things to kids? Fantastic! You could make a great tutor.

As a self-employed tutor, you can rake in the dough using skills you’ve already learnt, whilst also enjoying complete control of when and where you work.

The cons? Tutors often work evenings, which means you would need to be an incredibly organised student in order to get your own work done. Tutors are also often expected to work weekends, which may or may not be a deal breaker for you.


4. Cinema worker

Work at a cinema and you not only get great discounts on movies, but unlimited popcorn.

Cinema workers perform all sorts of jobs, from taking customers’ tickets, to serving popcorn and ushering patrons. The work is often regular and relatively easy, which is an added bonus.

The cons? Theatre employees are almost always paid minimum wage.


5. Golf course caddy

Golf caddies help players understand the course and game, carry their clubs, offer up insightful advice during the game, and moral support.

While the hourly pay isn’t often great, workers can rake in hundreds of pounds in tips per day. This — added with the sunshine and free exercise — can make caddying a fun and rewarding job.