Whether you’ve finally decided to follow your childhood dream of becoming a vet, or you feel you’re approaching life after graduation the wrong way, it’s not too late.

Follow these tips on making a professional U-turn and you’ll be on the right track to your perfect career.


1. Identify your fulfilment factors 

Identify exactly what doing a job you love looks like, based the skills, roles or experiences that make you feel fulfilled. Also consider your core beliefs and values, as this will help you to focus on what you’re passionate about.


2. Visualise your goal

Write a virtual job description for your perfect role, imagine what it feels like to live your dream everyday and then work backwards to identify the steps you need to take to make it a reality.


3. Be realistic

Before you make the leap, it’s important to make sure that you are suited to your new career – and it for you. Speak to people in your chosen industry about what level you can realistically look to go in at, and if you’ll need to consider any training or exams ahead of contacting companies.


4. Make your online shine

Clean up your social media profiles and make sure you start/update your professional one. Think about how you can stand out and showcase your career history.


5. Tap into your network

You’ll no doubt have built up a lot of friends and colleagues in your life so far, so now is the time to tap into this network.


6. Meet a mentor

Do some research online, speak to your network and attend industry or mentor-specific events. Once you’ve found the right person, write them an email or letter, explaining who you are and why you’re genuinely interested in them as a mentor.


7. Leverage your experience 

Big yourself up by making sure all your previous experience is clearly listed on your paper CV as well as on your digital presence, and be prepared to talk about your standout skills in interviews.


8. Enjoy the process

Be realistic about the stepping stones to getting your dream job and take time to enjoy the process. It’s not going to happen overnight, and you’ll need the put the work in.