If you want to be a millionaire, you’d better get an MBA. Research into the degrees most likely to produce millionaires has found – perhaps unsurprisingly – that those with a master’s degree in business administration are most likely to become wealthy.

Of those who took an MBA, a whopping 12.1 per cent became millionaires, according to a worldwide survey of graduates conducted by Spear’s Magazine and wealth consultancy company WealthInsight.

This made it the most lucrative degree, but engineering was not far from the top: 10.7 per cent of the subject’s graduates are millionaires, according to the survey. Its definition of “millionaire” was “individuals with net assets of $1 million or more excluding their primary residences”.

In the millionaire survey, economics completed the top three (8.2 per cent), with law (4.7 per cent) close behind.

At the very bottom of the 20-subject table were biology, psychology, and philosophy (all 0.6 per cent). History was 16th, underscoring a trend of traditionally academic subjects doing badly, though politics (1.3 per cent) fared a little better, placing 11th in the table.

So, if money’s your thing and you’re currently torn between studying philosophy or business at university level, this could be your sign to opt for an MBA.