Spent too much time out with friends and not enough on your essay? Never fear! Read on to find out the best way to nab a good grade on a last-minute piece of work.

Follow these tips and your teacher will have no idea you spent hours on your work instead of weeks.


24 hours left

First things first, make sure you’re well rested. You don’t need me to remind you that sleep is really important for proper brain function. You still have 24 hours, so take a moment to set an alarm and have a quick 30 minute cat nap if you’re not too stressed.

Before you do, block Twitter, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. You don’t have time for these distractions.


23 hours left

Once you understand exactly what you’re being asked to write about, grab a blank piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. On one side, write ‘main ideas’ and on the other, ‘examples’. Write your paragraph ideas in the first column (three is almost always enough), before finding examples from the text you’re writing about, or the idea you’re trying to prove or disprove. Depending on how much research you’ve done, this could take a few hours. The more time you spend on it, the better, as this is the hardest part of essay writing.


20 hours left

If you’ve done the previous step properly, you’ll have a bunch of references at the ready. Take a moment to go through them all and write up your bibliography.


19 hours left

Now’s the time to get writing! Speed-read articles, find even more evidence to back your points up, compare and contrast points, bring up alternative views: convince your teacher you know what you’re talking about with gusto. Pro tip? Start at paragraph one, and finish the rest of your paragraphs before writing the conclusion, and finally, the introduction.


10 hours left

By this point, you should be lost in your essay. Exploring the plot of Little Women or trying to prove capitalism isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? You are a true academic whose abilities know no bounds.


7 hours left

Have a snack, and make sure you’re hydrated. By this point you should have finished all your body paragraphs, or be about to.


3 hours left

Fly through your conclusion and bash out your introduction. Now you know what you’re concluding and introducing, this should be easy.


1 hour left

Proof, proof and proof some more. I cannot stress enough how easy it is to make mistakes – especially when you’re tired.



Now’s the time to submit! Print your essay, hand it in or submit it online. What now, you ask? Either have the longest sleep known to mankind, or go out and have fun. Well done!